Mortgage Refinance

If the idea of owning your own property, vehicle or equipment via Ijarah appeals to you but you are currently paying off an existing mortgage we can help you replace it.

Make an application with Ijarah Finance today and, if approved, enter into an Ijarah Finance Agreement thus replacing your existing mortgage.

The financier will fund the property for you at the current market value, with the agreement that you will lease the property from them and pay monthly rental instalments. Once you have paid the final instalment, the funder will sell its share in the property to you for a nominal discharge fee.
Note that the funder will pay out the previous mortgage, thereby allowing you to own your property without the conflict of taking out a loan and paying interest.

At Ijarah Finance, we understand the issues facing many clients when they want to purchase a property, vehicle or equipment, but do not want to take out an interest-based mortgage. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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