Property Development Finance

Are you a Commercial Property Developer wanting non-interest based finance for your next project? We have the solution for you!

The Ijarah Finance Commercial Construction product has been developed for builders or developers seeking Sharia based finance solutions. We are able to fund commercial construction projects meeting good feasibility outcomes to different total development cost (TDC) ratios and limits:

  • Duplex Constructions up to $5m
    • $2m-Up to 80% of TDC
    • $5m-Up to 75% of TDC
  • Development greater than duplex, up to $5m in total financing
    • Maximum LVR 70% of Total Development Costs (TDC).
  • From $5m-$500m.
    • Max 65%-70% of TDC. Financing ratio’s varies based on finance amount for this segment.  
    • Pre sales are/may be required for above $5m projects 
    • Experienced Builders and Developers 
  • Vacant Land for Commercial Development purposes to 50%LVR.
    • Standard Residential Vacant Land simple house block 80%LVR.  

The types of projects we are able to fund include:

  • Duplex Sites
  • Triplex Sites
  • Townhouse projects
  • Multi Story Unit Developments
  • Highrise Development
  • Commercial/Industrial construction projects.
  • Land Subdivisions 

Strong and feasible projects are a necessary requirement, with pre sales in certain circumstances depending on the project.

To find out if your project qualifies for this unique product, call our office today or apply online.

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