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Our team brings with them financial expertise, industry insight and above all, an understanding of what is important to our clients. When you contact Ijarah Finance, it's likely you will speak with one of our team members below. However, Ijarah Finance is made up of many others who work behind the scene to help deliver the wonderful service we provide.

Walid Ayad

Walid (Wally) has been involved in the Mortgage & Finance industry since 2000 after he graduated from the University of Sydney. Since that time, Wally has written over $2.5 billion in finance applications involving Residential, Commercial, Construction, and Asset finance facilities. He often says, “There are very few transaction types I have not worked on over the years.”

Wally has completed various courses and training programs within the conventional and Islamic Finance industries. Additionally, he has completed an RG146 giving him a Diploma in Financial Planning. He currently has accreditations with more than 50 different funders and financiers and undergoes monthly training in compliance and product research. Wally is a registered Credit Advisor with the MFAA and holds an Australian Credit License (ACL) with ASIC.

Wally is very well known in Australia’s Finance Industry and has been ranked as the top 100 brokers by Macquarie Bank and Mortgage Professionals Australia. He has direct access to many funders’ product development and underwriting teams.

Wally is very passionate about giving back to the community and has helped establish AusRelief, a large Not for Profit Australian charity.

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Jeannette Estephan

Jeannette Estephan is a qualified Finance Broker & Credit Advisor and has been working in this role since 2005.  She is also a recognised Australian Credit Representative (ACR) with ASIC and a member of the MFAA.

During her time within the industry, Jeannette has set the bar in industry knowledge, customer service and professionalism. As a respected Credit & Finance Advisor she has developed her skills and knowledge in writing home loans, investment loans, commercial loans and asset finance, whilst also holding more than 30 accreditations with various financial institutions in Australia.

Jeannette has assisted hundreds of clients in achieving their dreams, from purchasing their first home, to buying their dream car to expanding their investment property portfolio.  Jeannette takes pride in delivering outstanding customer service and always strives to achieve the best outcome for all her clients. Jeannette works tirelessly to find the best solution for her client’s circumstances and objectives. 

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Nazifa Salim

Nazifa joined our team in March 2019 and has steadily progressed from an assistant role to qualified Broker. Her exceptional knowledge of Conventional and Islamic Asset Finance has made her our go-to for Asset Finance. Nazifa is a fast learner and has gained high level knowledge pertaining not only to Asset Finance, but also the whole range of Ijarah Finance products we provide and is now an integral part of our Sales team.

Nazifa is very familiar with various types of finance contracts and how they work distinctly from one another.

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Eva Asi

Eva joined our team in 2016 brining with her over 10 years of financial industry experience working with AMP. Having been with Ijarah Finance since its inception, Eva is an integral part of our team and enjoys working hard to find and compare the best finance options for her clients. In fact, clients who work with Eva speak of her exceptional customer service skills and thorough industry knowledge. Eva has a keen eye for detail, a friendly nature and is fluent in Arabic.

When not being kept busy running her household she enjoys swimming and yoga.

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Sana Echkintana

An intern at Ijarah Finance since 2022, Sana embarked on this journey during her first year at Macquarie University, where she pursues a Bachelor of Applied Finance and Professional Accounting. Currently in her third year of studies, Sana has significantly augmented her finance expertise and accrued invaluable experience within the finance sector. Sana has adeptly integrated her religious principles into service delivery, ensuring alignment with her Islamic values.

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Jasmine Asi

Meet Jasmine, a shining example of dedication and ambition, she embarked on her journey with the team straight out of high school. Over the past four years, she has not only flourished within the team but has also become an integral foundation of its achievements. Known for her exceptional work ethic and unwavering commitment to excellence, Jasmine embodies reliability and professionalism in every aspect of her role. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that every client receives personalised, top-tier service, while her adept problem-solving skills allow her to navigate even the most complex situations with ease.

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Hassan Sabra

Hassan is a dynamic Finance Support Officer, renowned for his boundless energy and work ethic. With a thirst for knowledge, Hassan ensures that each client receives tailored advice perfectly suited to their needs. Outside of delivering exceptional client service, Hassan dedicates himself to studying Law and Applied Finance, enriching his understanding of both legal intricacies and financial landscapes, including international markets, organisational structures, and mathematical principles. Hassan consistently strives for excellence, prioritising client satisfaction above all else.

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We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service and work hard to ensure the best outcome for our clients. Apply online today, and one of our team members will be in touch with  you. 

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