Lease Doc Ijarah Finance

Use your Commercial leased property as security for your next investment!

If you own or intend to purchase a commercial property which is currently leased to a third party tenant, you may be able to use this property as security. With Ijarah Finance lease doc approach, you could 

  1. Purchase Commercial property, 
  2. Refinance 
  3. Cash out or Equity Release
  4. Consolidate your debts using Lease Doc finance.

Best of all, this type of finance is written as an Ijarah Islamic Finance contract making your ability to invest in commercial property all the more better because of the good rental yield you receive, and the finance contract being Islamic compliant. MAX LVR is 75% with the ability to finance property’s up to $25m.  Higher finance limits can be considered for the right customers and property types.

Rather than providing evidence of your income, Ijarah Islamic Finance relies on the rental income received from the tenant/s, the strength of the tenant lease terms, and the remaining term of the lease.

This type of product fits well within Ijarah as it involves you receiving rental yield, yet you are paying rental payments to finance your property. Contact our consultants to find out more about this option.

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