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Sharia Compliant Superannuation and Investments now available with Ijarah Finance

In today’s Australian market, access to Sharia Compliant Superannuation and Investment options is not just a financial preference but a necessity for many. These options are essential for fulfilling Islamic duties and obligations, ensuring that investments align with ethical and religious principles. By avoiding non-halal investments, Muslims can be confident that their financial practices support their faith and values.

Why Choose Ijarah Superannuation?

Full Compliance

We adhere strictly to AAOIFI Standards, ensuring all investments meet Sharia compliance requirements. This guarantees that your superannuation is managed in line with Islamic principles, avoiding any non-halal investments.


Our commitment to transparency means you receive clear insights into your investment portfolios. With our detailed reports and user-friendly tools, you can easily track and analyse where your money is invested, providing peace of mind and confidence in your financial decisions.

Fair Pricing

We offer competitive fee structures, ensuring our clients receive the best value. Unlike other Islamic Super Funds, we are dedicated to providing fair and reasonable fees, making Sharia-compliant superannuation accessible and affordable.

Educational Support

At Ijarah, we provide comprehensive guidance on Sharia-compliant investments. Our team of experts is available to educate and support you, ensuring you understand your investment options and the benefits of Sharia compliance. We believe informed clients make better financial decisions, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Why Islamic Superannuation and Investments?

As the Australian Muslim population is set to reach a million in 2024 and continues to grow, the demand for Sharia-compliant financial products is increasing. This burgeoning community needs financial solutions that cater specifically to their requirements. Sharia-compliant superannuation and investments provide a way to manage and grow wealth without compromising on religious beliefs.

The increasing demand for these products reflects a broader trend within the Muslim community towards ethical and principled financial planning. Sharia-compliant investments exclude sectors and activities prohibited by Islamic law, such as alcohol, tobacco, non-halal meat, weapons, interest-based financial services, and other non-compliant industries. This ensures that wealth is generated and preserved in a manner that is both ethical and religiously appropriate.

Furthermore, the growing availability of Sharia-compliant options underscores the financial industry’s recognition of the unique needs of the Muslim population in Australia. By offering products that adhere to Islamic principles, financial institutions can support the community’s economic empowerment and integration into the broader economy.

As the community expands, so does the need for tailored financial solutions that respect and uphold Islamic values, paving the way for a more inclusive and ethical financial landscape. This is the reasons why we have established Ijarah Superannuation & Investments as a wealth management arm of our business.


What does Ijarah Financial Planning and Investments Offer?

We offer comprehensive guidance on Sharia-compliant Superannuation and Investments. Our expert team ensures that our clients receive tailored Islamic Superannuation and Sharia-compliant investment advice to protect and grow their wealth in accordance with Islamic principles.

We offer personalised financial advice, wealth management, retirement planning, tax optimisation, and estate planning, all tailored to meet your financial goals while adhering to Sharia principles. Our services ensure your assets grow in a Sharia-compliant manner and are distributed according to Islamic guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Superannuation product is fully Sharia compliant, adhering to all Islamic guidelines. We invest exclusively in verified Sharia-compliant stocks and products.

    • Unlike conventional providers, our Islamic Super products follow strict AAOIFI Standards, avoiding investments in:
      • Alcohol
      • Tobacco
      • Non-Halal Meat Industry
      • Weapons and Defence Manufacturers
      • Interest-based Financial Investments
      • Non-Sharia Compliant Financial Instruments
      • Media and Pornography
      • High Pollution Industries
      • And many more.

At Ijarah Superannuation, we prioritise Islamic guidelines to ensure all investments are Sharia compliant and meet Halal investment standards. Our diverse portfolio includes shares, companies, and other Sharia-verified platforms. We offer transparent, ethical, and growth-oriented investment solution

Our online tools and user-friendly app allow you to track and analyse your investments, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. Committed to full fee disclosure, Ijarah Islamic Superannuation and Investments also educates clients on their portfolios for informed decision-making.

Contact our team today to switch to Ijarah Superannuation and secure Sharia-compliant investments with robust returns for your retirement plans. Let us help you align your financial goals with your Islamic values.

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