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Sharia Compliant Ijarah Fixed Finance (Thabet)

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Are you seeking a finance solution with a fixed rate throughout an agreed term? Look no further than our Ijarah Fixed Finance solution, ‘Thabet’. This product not only offers stability but also adheres strictly to Sharia principles, ensuring 100% compliance with Islamic finance principles.

What is Ijarah Thabet?

At Ijarah Finance, we offer a steadfast solution for your home financing needs with our ‘Thabet’ fixed-rate Islamic finance product. Unlike variable finance agreements affected by fluctuations in the RBA cash rate, our ‘Thabet’ product ensures your rental payments remain unchanged throughout the fixed term, providing stability and predictability.

There is ongoing discussion among customers and scholars regarding the necessity of fixed-term payment agreements. While opinions on fixed versus variable options vary, there is a reasonable consensus favoring fixed payments for specified terms agreed upon upfront between the customer and the finance provider.

At Ijarah Finance, we have listened to our customers’ feedback and designed the ‘Thabet’ fixed finance product to meet this demand for stability, aligning with scholarly perspectives that advocate for fixed-term financial agreements.

Explore Our Range of Ijarah Fixed Finance Facilities

Home Finance

Purchase your new home using our Fixed Ijarah (Thabet) product. You will need to provide 5% deposit plus costs e.g. Stamp Duty etc.


Refinance from any other financial institution to our Ijarah Fixed Finance (Thabet) product. Say goodbye to RBA rate changes and fix your rate anywhere between 2 years to 10 years.

Low Doc - No Tax Return

If you are self employed, take advantage of our No Tax Return Low Doc Fixed Finance facility. You will need to provide a minimum of 10% deposit plus costs e.g. Stamp Duty etc.

Our fixed product range provides terms ranging from  2 to 10 years, ensuring consistent monthly payments at a fixed rate throughout the agreed-upon term, as approved by our underwriting team.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Neither your rate nor your payment will change during the fixed term of your agreement.

The fixed term can range from 2 years to 10 years.

Yes! You can choose to fix the rate anywhere between 2 to 10 years.

Yes, you can make extra payments to finish off the finance quickly during a fixed finance agreement with Thabet.

There is no limit to the extra payments you can make whilst the facility is fixed under our Thabet product.

No, you cannot redraw extra payments if you have made them in previous months with this product.

This is NOT available for Commercial or Development Property finance.

Construction finance is NOT available under our Fixed Finance Thabet product.

There is no offset account available for this product.

Yes, you can payout and close your finance account early even whilst your finance is fixed under our Thabet product.

There is NO break cost with our Ijarah Fixed (Thabet) Finance and you will NOT incur fixed break fees if you close or payout whilst it is fixed.

Our Ijarah Fixed (Thabet) Finance is 100% Sharia compliant. 

There is a scholarly opinion that maintains that this  type of fixed agreement adheres to the highest standards of Sharia compliance. While there may be differing views among scholars, we have crafted our fixed product to align with this scholarly perspective and fulfill customer expectations. Contact our finance team today to learn more about our Ijarah Fixed Thabet product and enjoy the reassurance of stable payments unaffected by monthly RBA decisions.

Make an online enquiry with a few simple steps to get your application started and one of our experienced consultants will contact you.

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