About Ijarah Finance Halal Loans

Ijarah Finance was developed to provide the community with an alternative to conventional interest-based lending options.

Purchasing a home, vehicle or commercial business asset can be a daunting task. Our experienced team of consultants are here to guide you through each step of the way. With over 16 years’ experience in the Australian Financial Industry, our team has extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern this field. Our internal staff carries more than 55 years combined  experience in the banking and finance sector in Australia with knowledge of lenders, policy, procedures and requirements to get finance approved the right way.

Coupled with our knowledge of finance contracts, the wordings,  underwriting policy, recognizing the distinction between a Leasee to Leasor within Ijarah concept, we can help guide you to the most suitable Ijarah finance agreement which comes at the best cost outcome  to YOU.

We are confident that our products & services in Home Ijarah, Commercial Property Ijarah or Vehicle and Asset Finance provide the community with the best alternative to the interest-based mortgage products readily available in Australia.

We will provide you with a solution so that you can own your property without compromising your religious beliefs and encourage you to contact us today!

Ijarah Finance is a business owned by Mortgage Providers Pty Ltd which has been trading since 2003. Our brokers have been ranked in  the Top 100 brokers in Australia by Macquarie Bank & Mortgage Professionals Australia Magazine.

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